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Thermal Inspection

Thermal Inspection Services in Odessa, FL

After your property has sustained water damage, this isn’t the end of your worries. You also have to consider that there may be some residual moisture that has settled into the floors and walls. A thermal inspection can help to put your mind at ease by scanning your property for any areas of concern.

At Ready Nation Contractors, we provide thermal inspection services to go along with our other full-service water damage options. Not only can this help to put your mind at ease, but it also ensures you won’t have any serious issues come up later on from undetected moisture.

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Our Thermal Inspection Services

If you believe your property could use a thermal inspection, here are some of the benefits you get when you choose Ready Nation Contractors!

Commercial & Residential

Unlike many companies that provide thermal inspections, Ready Nation Contractors provides services for both commercial and residential properties.

Large-Scale Projects

No matter how large your building is or how significant the water damage is, we can help you tackle any large-scale project to prevent further damage from occurring.

All-in-One Service

If your property has sustained water damage, we can help you with water removal, structural drying, dehumidification,


At Ready Nation Contractors, we can guarantee speedy assistance with your property as we are located locally in Odessa, FL.

Thermal Inspections: Everything You Need to Know

Your Guide to Thermal Inspections

Thermal inspections use technology like a thermal camera to inspect the overall structure of a property. The camera uses images that the inspector can then review to check for any areas that could be of concern. This is often used to indicate areas of moisture that could lead to issues like mold or damaged building materials.

The main benefit of a thermal inspection is that it is non-invasive, so it will not damage your property in any way. It is a quick and convenient option if you are worried about moisture going undetected. At Ready Nation Contractors, we provide thermal inspections as well as any other type of water damage service you may require.

Thermal Inspection FAQs

Are you still wondering if a thermal inspection is the right option for your home or business? Here are some commonly asked questions that may help you make a decision.

Thermal inspections use thermal imaging that creates images of your property that are color-coded according to temperature, which helps to showcase areas of concern.

Thermal imaging includes electrical components, ceilings, walls, floors, and exterior elements of the property. The inspector can also check specific areas where there has been water damage or where there may be a possible leak.

How much thermal inspections cost depends on the size of the property, but most often the rate starts at $150.

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Are you worried that you may have some residual moisture on your property? Contact us today at Ready Nation Contractors for a thermal inspection!

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If your home or business has sustained any type of water damage, you may want to consider thermal imaging to check for areas of concern. Contact us today at Ready Nation Contractors for a free, no-obligation quote.

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